The Vinenco Decanting Pourer

Let your wine breathe for perfection
  • #1 TOP DECORATION Pourer – Let your wine breathe for perfection with your VINENCO decanter pourer an unmistakably intense and drip-free red wine enjoyment and instantly enhance your wine when pouring – practical, one-handed and without annoying drops.
  • Intensive bouquet and flavour fire. By using the Bernoulli effect, your wine is targeted at the optimum amount of oxygen in the intelligent, double-walled ventilation body, which opens the complex structures of the wine and releases strong aromas and flavours and flavours when pouring. The tannins of the wine become softer and you can enjoy an optimally balanced taste experience with each glass.
  • DRP FREE Pouring & IDEAL FIT – Due to the flexible slats of the rubber stopper, the VINENCO decanter pourer fits on any wine bottle and ensures a secure closure, while the elaborately designed pourer prevents annoying drops and splashes on your tablecloth – all simply and comfortably with just one hand.
  • LIGHTWEIGHT MATERIALS HIGHEST QUALITY – High quality BPA-free acrylic ensures pure wine enjoyment – FDA and LFGB certifications guarantee that the composition, smell or taste of your wine is not affected in any way. The spout can be disassembled and simply rinsed with warm water for cleaning.

VINENCO Selection


Who knows these problems when you enjoy a bottle of good red wine not:

  • No 2 – 3 hours time to to decant your wine?
  • Enjoy you want just 1 – 2 glasses for Dekantierten wine and not a whole bottle?
  • You get annoying splashes and drips when pouring is full?

The Vinenco decanting pourer offers the practical solution for all of these problems:

  • Decant your wine immediately whilst you pouring without long preparation time
  • Discover the advantages glass you will never have Dekantierens and wasting a bottle of your favourite wine
  • Forget about embarrassing stains on the table cloth and you can enjoy a guarantees easy drip-free and at the same time Mässigen Spout

Reveal the secret of perfect wine enjoyment.

It increases the value any Rotweines easily in no time at all

Get the most out of your wine and make it easy to turn good wine just wine:

  • Our sophisticated decanter pourer Utilizes the Bernoulli effect to enrich your wine with oxygen when serving
  • Enables immediate, one-handed and, above all, glass-wise decanting
  • Always ensures an even, drip-free spout Fits any wine bottle due to the flexible slats of the rubber stopper

Tip: Press and hold for maximum ventilation to the wine bottle when pouring in as vertical angle and experience a more intense bouquet, a smoother outlet and a wide taste fire Material as possible.

Life is too short to drink bad wine.


Decanter: Decant your wine immediately and by the glass while pouring without a long preparation time.
Drip-free spout: Forget embarrassing stains on the tablecloth and enjoy a guaranteed drip-free and even spout

Elegant gift box

Our exclusive and elaborately designed gift box rounds off the overall picture of this great wine gadget and makes it a perfect gift for wine lovers and anyone who wants to become one!

Impress your guests at every celebration

Whether at home, with friends and family or outdoors on the terrace, in the garden or at a nice picnic: Exclusive design and innovative features make your VINENCO decanter pourer a must-have wine accessory for every occasion and a special gift for all your loved ones.