The Vinenco Cocktail Shaker Set

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  • #1 COCKTAIL SHAKER SET – Including three-compartment 700ml cocktail shaker with sieve, double measurement cup 2cl/4cl, bar spoon with fork, muddler and cocktail recipe E-book: everything you need to make your favourite cocktails taste top-notch.
  • IMPRESS YOUR GUESTS AT EVERY PARTY – Whether you’re aspiring to be a professional bartender or already are one: the VINENCO cocktail shaker set is THE must have bar- and party-accessory for every bar and household. The professional three compartment cocktail mixer can either be used as a Cobbler shaker, or a Boston shaker using a cocktail glass. Its attractive, timeless design and elegant gift box also make it a special gift for every occasion.
  • DISCOVER THE ENDLESS POSSIBILITY OF MIXING YOUR OWN DRINKS – Whether Mojito, Cosmopolitan, Margarita, Piña Colada, Bloody Mary or Martini, you always know how to stylishly prepare and serve your favourite cocktails to IBA standards thanks to our exclusive illustrated cocktail recipe book. It also contains funny and interesting facts about the history of the most popular cocktails in the world.
  • HIGH-QUALITY, FOOD-SAFE MATERIALS – Premium brushed stainless steel doesn’t only look elegant, but is also extremely durable and stable. FDA and LFGB certifications guarantee that the composition, smell and taste of your drink will be in no way affected by the bottle. All components are dishwasher-safe.

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The all-in-one set by VINENCO

With this complete all-in-one premium bar cocktail set you have everything you need for your favorite cocktails in absolute top quality:

  • 1 professional three-part cocktail shaker with integrated sieve
  • 1 double measuring cup with marks 2cl|4cl for exact dosages
  • 1 turned bar spoon with fork for picking and stirring
  • 1 massive bar muddler for pounding and muddling
  • Elegant gift box
  • PLUS: Our exclusive VINENCO Cocktail recipe e-book by mail

Keep calm and have a cocktail.

Impress your guests at every party

Whether professional bartender or all those who want to become one: The VINENCO Cocktail Shaker Set is THE must-have bar and party accessory and should not be missing in any bar. The professional three-part cocktail mixer with integrated sieve can be used either as a

  • Cobbler Shaker or
  • With a cocktail glass as Boston Shaker.

Because a great story never started with someone eating a salad.

Double measuring cup 2cl|4cl with markings

Markings for exact dosages: With our measuring cup you will never again be in the dark when dosing and portioning your drinks. The markings on the inner and outer walls of the measuring cup allow you to measure exactly how much of each ingredient enters the shaker.

Premium materials | 100% stainless steel

The high-quality, brushed 304 stainless steel not only looks elegant, but is also extremely durable and harmless to health, as the composition, smell or taste of your beverages will not be affected by the bottle! All parts are also 100% dishwasher safe

Elegant gift box

Our exclusive and elaborately designed gift box completes the overall picture of this fantastic cocktail set and makes it a must-have bar accessory for every occasion and a special gift for all your loved ones.