Even though it literally looks cool - in a glass of most good spirits like whisky or scotch there is no room for ice.
Because rather than enhancing flavours, it inhibits them as the ice makes the temperature of your spirit drop rapidly:
  • The perfect serving temperature for most good spirits is a little under room temperature for the original taste and fine aromas to open up and reveal their full characteristics
  • If cooled down too much, the subtle nuances and complex flavours will be ruined and your drink will appear and taste dull and flat
  • Ice will dilute the original taste of your drink leaving not much of its true characteristics behind
Therefore, connoisseurs recommend:
VINENCO Whisky Ice Cubes - die best way to gently cool your drinks without diluting them

Product Features

All benefits at a glance:
  • 4 ice cubes made of highest quality, food grade stainless steel that will never scratch your glassware
  •  Cool your drinks more smoothly than ice without diluting them
  •  Your favourite drinks will keep its complex flavours and original aroma
  •  Maintain the ideal serving temperature longer and more stable than soapstone without leaving any residues in your glass or drink
  •  Reusable - again and again
  •  Elegant and innovative - impress your guests and friends
  •  Exclusive design - the perfect gift for every occasion
  •  Practical storage pouch to store your ice cubes in the freezer